play brush - eng-20

The games that we produce are all related to the treatment of the patient. Our belief is simple, a video game produces a “wow” factor when first experienced. This factor allows for us to distract the patient and take them to another place, very distinct from the clinic/hospital environment where they find themselves. The games themselves are designed by psychologists and doctors who aim to use metaphors which represent elements
in the patients treatment.

This is a video game designed to reduce fear of the dentists for children ages 7-15. The game itself is based on a young boy who is inside of a giant mouth, being attacked by plaque and germs. The game play consists of our hero flying in a giant mouth and shooting the bad guys with a toothbrush.
The bullets in this case are toothpaste foam which is fired from the tooth brush. We have created this game with the dental treatment in mind so there is a configuration section where the doctor can set a wide array of things like:

  • Treatment angle: -15 degrees, 45 degrees, and 90 degrees (This allows the dentist to set the horizon in the game according to how he/she prefers to work.)
  • Time: 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes (This is the approximate time the dentist will take in the treatment, so the game will run on a timer and go to the learning section accordingly.
  • Dr Feed: Live video feed where the patient sees the doctor as an animated avatar. This is done “In game” allowing for interaction between medical staff and patient.