Learning is key to prevention. This is an extremely important feature of the Medicus XR engine. Every application has a learning module that consists of the characters seen in the game explaining how to prevent the intervention. The ability to interact with the games characters allows for
us to teach the patient in way that is revolutionary and easy to understand. We say revolutionary because we are taking the attraction of video game technology and directly applying it to patient in the context of learning.

We have the characters appearing in a bathroom environment and showing the patient how to take care of his/her mouth. The patient sees the main avatar in the mirror and listens to the tasks that our hero sets out. If the patient follows the instructions correctly, the bacteria and plaque appear
in the mirror and run away screaming! If the patients does not brush correctly, the bad guys look at him in the mirror and laugh out loud!

This is done by a series of interactions which the patient can understand and follow by using their hand which is pointing a laser in the game. The patient can select, hold and move objects using their hand. We show the patient how to correctly brush teeth, how to wash their mouth, what to avoid when brushing and the benefits of brushing correctly.